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Valemi Consulting Partners

We are a hub of multi-disciplinary professionals that offer support and expertise to the needs of your business.

We focus on providing the right Operational Partners for the growth and empower of your organisation.

What We Offer


Experts and specialists engaged to fulfil your needs with the best advice in a great range of areas.


Productivity, innovation, safety, security and efficiency in all the process and industries. We are proudly representing SafeBoxTM in Australia.


Solutions for your business when the importing process is key.


We deliver an extensive list of services with collaborative approach for the value creation of your organisation.

Morari & Co - SafeBox


SafeBoxTM is a distributed energy isolation system designed for industrial lock and tag applications.

Valemi Consulting and Partners represents the SafeBoxTM brand in Australia and New Zealand.

How SafeBoxTM works

Operational Partners


Project Management

We work with Project Managers in different Areas.
Our Partners have ample knowledge in planning, execution and manage the initiatives you want to implement within your organisation.



Supporting the needs of importers of products from Asia to Australia or to any part of the world.
Our Operational Partners guarantee quality with procedures of inspection and assurance.


Accounting and Bookkeeping

Providing quality taxation and accounting services to all type of clients.
Daily accounting tasks, maintaining accurate books on accounts, daily financial entries and reconciliations.
You will find your all-year business partner, ensuring your business tax and financial planning.



National and International Audit Professionals who will provide assurance services to a wide range of sector.
Not only Financial Audit but all kind cover by ISO-International Organisation for Standardisation.
We have access to high quality firms in Australia and around the globe. 


Data Entry

From simple data entry to complex big data.
Cost-effective solution, well trained staff working on behalf of our clients.


Graphic Design

Graphic Designers creating the right strategy for the impact of any kind of business.


IT / Software Design

Design and development of personalised softwares.
Our operational partners will create the best option of system translating what you have in your mind to systematize your business.


Cyber Audit

Focus on information security and cybersecurity.
Our partner provides solutions to protect your data, brand reputation and digital assets against internal and external threats.
Affordable information security solutions to businesses of all sizes, across all industries.

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Valemi Consulting Partners